Adaptations – Breeding and Sport Rules&Regulations

May 7 2024 | Breeding, Sport

None of the following adaptations constitute a change in FEIF rules. The changes concern wording that turned out to be misunderstandable in annexes, wrong references or decided changes that were forgotten in the adaptation of the Rules&Regulations 2024.


Correction of wording – Annex B8.4: Guideline for breeding assessment)

The wording “body function” was replaced by “posture” to avoid misunderstandings.


Editorial change in accordance with the change S2.3.2 in 2022 (corrected reference in red/bold)

S2.3.1 Preliminary rounds with one rider on the track

Exit via the gate of the oval track. The rider may circle the horse at the gate after the test is completed.

Correction of wrong reference (corrected reference in red/bold)

PP3 – Easy Pace Test

This test is performed on a track suitable for pace tests without a funnel-shaped corridor. Please refer further to the drawing for PP1/PP2 (S17.8)

Correction of wording (editorial change; in red/bold)

P1 – Pace Race 250 m – S3.6.1.5 Start

The track is clear and time-is-ready at the beginning of a heat must be declared by the judge controlling the time.

Adaption of wording to correspond to time table S11 (correction in red/bold)

Appendix 1: WorldRanking

For all riders, results of 5.5 or higher in the preliminary rounds; 25.63 seconds or faster in P1; 16.50 seconds or faster in P3; and, 8.97 seconds or faster in P2 are entered in the WorldRanking.