Sport Judges guidelines 2024 now published

March 18 2024 | Sport

The prime judging criterion should be the harmony between horse and rider. The rider must handle the horse with fairness, delicacy and respect; be its true leader rather than its dominator. At all times the rider must put the horse’s welfare paramount and guard its health and safety. The horse should be able to fulfil its tasks with pleasure; be calm and supple, but also confident, attentive and keen.

The sport judges guidelines 2024 include the following changes:

  • The last firewall for Riding Skills/Connection is moved back so it now lies between 7.5 and 8.0. This means, a rider can now only get 8.0 if the presentation clearly shows “harmony, very good connection, excellent riding” .
    A presentation which is judged as “Generally good riding style, horse generally submitting to the aids” can now only get a 7.5 as maximum.
  • The title of p.5 is changed from “Tölt – speed changes” to “Tölt – lengthen strides”, this is to be consistent with S2.8.1.1 (Sport Rules and Regulations)

Photo: Neddens Tierfoto