Mike Weishaupt and Johannes Amplatz at the FEIF Conference 2024

February 13 2024 | Conference, General

Mike’s and Johannes’ participation in the conference was a great honour and eagerly awaited by participants. Apart from visiting most department meetings to discuss horse welfare and possible approaches of the Icelandic horse scene concerning the social license to operate when it comes to Icelandic horse riding and also planned scientific studies, both speakers gave keynote speeches in the opening session of the FEIF conference.

“TheEffect of competition shoeing on movement biomechanics & hoof health in Icelandic horses“ was the topic of Mike Weishaupt’s presentation. The lecture summarises the findings of studies, which aimed to demonstrate not only qualitatively but also quantitatively the effect of competition hoof conformations in Icelandic horses on hoof health and biomechanical function. Long and high hoof conformation and additional weight at the level of the hooves put more mechanical stress on the hoof and the limb (higher limb impulses, torques at breakover) and increase the prevalence of hoof pathologies (flares, uneven height of quarter walls).

The presentation of Johannes Amplatz “The effect of rider weight on the horse: Research performed on Icelandic horses” discussed the influence of rider weight on Icelandic horses, particularly focusing on research conducted at Hólar University. It covered published studies, ongoing research, and future investigations. Additionally, preliminary findings from last summer’s World Championship study, were presented (but cannot be published yet).