Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2024

February 7 2024 | Conference/Leisure Riding, Leisure Riding

The group of enthusiastic participants of the FEIF Leisure Riding meeting 2024 worked on outlining and refining the strategic direction of the initiatives for the coming year. The Leisure Riding department can now embark a journey with a renewed focus on key objectives, a clear understanding of our strengths and challenges, and a commitment to executing the plans with passion. The initiatives detailed in the meeting are the result of a collective effort to promote the joy and tradition of Icelandic horses in leisure riding to a global audience.

Discussions and planned initiatives include an event calendar, a Leisure Riding Academy, a re-evaluated Day of the Icelandic Horse, a rollout strategy for the Rider/Horse Profile and several outdoor activities.

The meeting welcomed Johan Andersson, Katja Schütz and Mia Estermann as committee members for the next two years.