FEIF Conference 2024

February 6 2024 | Conference

The FEIF Delegates’ Assembly 2024 took place in Luxembourg with delegates from 17 out of 21 FEIF member countries entitled to vote being present. The decisions are available HERE  and all proposals that were accepted will be included in the Rules and Regulations 2024, valid from April 1 on.

Inge Kringeland, Director of Breeding, and Tone Kolnes, member of the Arbitration Council were re-elected, Atli Már Ingolfsson, who was a Member of the Board was elected as Director of Leisure Riding. As Silke Feuchthofen decided to step down after more than 10 years in FEIF, Mark Timmerman from the Netherlands was elected as Director of Education and Gunnar Sturluson, former FEIF President, as member of the Disciplinary Board.

It was a pleasure to welcome Mike Weishaupt and Johannes Amplatz as speakers for the conference, as the main topic of the event was „cooperation with science“. Mike’s keynote speech was on the „Effect of competition shoeing on movement biomechanics & hoof health in Icelandic horses“, the lecture summarised the findings of studies, which aimed to demonstrate not only qualitatively but also quantitatively the effect of competition hoof conformations in Icelandic horses on hoof health and biomechanical function. Johannes provided information on existing studies and first results from the weight study that was started during the World Championships 2023.