Annual Youthwork Meeting 2024

February 6 2024 | Conference, Youth Work

As can be seen from the photo, we aim to put the horse at the centre of everything we do…  This is also true for this year’s annual meeting of Youth leaders, representing 11 FEIF member countries. Some time was spent on evaluating newly introduced changes in the FEIF Youth Camp – the aim is to strengthen the educational emphasis of the Camp, something that has already been started successfully at the 2023 Youth Camp held in Finland.

Preparations for the 2024 Youth Cup, which will take place in Switzerland are also in full swing, and the intention is that a more streamlined programme for the week will refresh the event and preserve some precious energy. Also on the agenda was the overarching theme for this conference – horse welfare – which gave rise to a wide-ranging discussion and new ideas. Later we tackled the topic again by talking about all forms of harassment, sexual and otherwise, particularly as it affects the young people in our care. Not a topic that will be resolved in the near future, but it feels healthy to open it up.

The election to the FEIF Youth Committee saw Dagbjört Hulda Guðbjörnsdóttir,re-elected, and we welcome Ida Albinsson to the committee.