Annual Sport Meeting 2024

February 6 2024 | Sport/Conference

13 member countries participated in the National Sport Leader meeting 2024 and discussed an agenda with a wide variety of subjects which is available on the FEIF website:

Dina Rosenberg Asmussen, Lisa Kroon and Sigurbjörn Bárðarson were re-elected as members of the Sport Committee. In addition, Marie Bruun Nielson was welcomed as Young Committee member and Trine Winther as representative from Sport in the Equipment Committee. Michael Weishaupt joined the meeting with a very interesting discussion about lactate levels during Pace Race. After a discussion and based on the information from the working group on ‘facilitating disabled riders’, the participants decided to transform the working group into a network. Furthermore, several proposals concerning the FEIF Rules&Regulations were accepted to be voted for at the DA 2025. Among them, a proposal to lower the maximum starts per day a horse may have at competitions and a proposal to provide a possibility of re-shoeing after having been eliminated from a test because of incorrect shoeing. The discussion topics included furthermore how to judge a correct saddle placement, the raising the effect of a yellow card and the immediate termination of a ride when server lameness is seen/suspected.