Annual Education Meeting 2024

February 6 2024 | Education/Conference

In a productive meeting, a large number of topics was revised and discussed. All 9 national representatives gave an update on what happened in their countries.

Highlights of these reports we f.i. in Denmark, a large effort was made on producing material on horse welfare and raising awareness of riders on that topic. In Sweden, ways are sought to find instructors to give a new level III-program. In Germany, a new system of riding badges was kicked off resulting in so many participants, that also new examiners had to be trained and approved. In Switzerland, Sweden and Finland, there are possibilities to follow the level I instructor program in a school-based system.

The committee welcomed Anne Sophie Nielsen from Denmark as a new member and thanked Bea Rusterholz from Switzerland for her contribution to the committee in the former period.

Points of action for the coming period concern reviewing an updating of the trainer matrix concerning topics of horse welfare, rider fitness and modern scientific contributions to riding and training of horses. Proposals to the general session were consideration of a mutual database for quality content for the national magazines and reviewing de necessity and possibility of a scientific committee in FEIF.