Annual Chairperson Meeting 2024

February 6 2024 | Chairpersons/Conference

The chairpersons started their meeting by continuing the discussions with Mike Weishaupt, Johannes Amplatz and Barla-Cathrina Isenbügel on different topics related to SLO and welfare, especially on how to translate it also into practical activities like judges’ examination or changes to make our sport as natural as possible. The reports on activities within the countries, initiated projects and groups – especially concerning welfare activities – provided a great opportunity to hear about new ideas and initiatives that could be implemented in other countries as well.

The procedures within FEIF, the structures and responsibilities of committees and working groups, the future of the administration of FEIF, the future of World Championships and the FEIF finances but also possible changes and proposals to the Delegates’ Assembly were brought forward during the meeting.

For the next years, there were several invitations from the countries to host the next Conferences – Faroe Islands, Hungary, Austria and Netherlands!