Annual Breeding Meeting 2024

February 6 2024 | Breeding, Conference

At this year’s conference, representatives from 13 member countries attended the Annual Breeding Meeting 2024. All countries had the possibility to present the activities in their countries, in addition the FEIF WF registration group, the Breeding Judges’ committee and the breeding committee informed about what had happened in the past year. Friðrik Már Sigurðsson from Iceland and Eyvindur Hrannar Gunnarsson from Denmark were elected as members of the Breeding committee, Heimir Gunnarsson to the Breeding judge committee. Julia Lind from Sweden was welcomed as young committee member. All positions are for the next two years. The meeting thanked Elsa Albertsdóttir and Rune Hansen for their huge work in the committee during the past years.

It was very exiting again to have Mike Weishaupt join the meeting and to discuss various topics – general and breeding related ones – with him.

The meeting took several decisions regarding changes to the FEIF Rules&Regulations, the regulations will be implemented from April 1st this year and the decisions concerning rules will be sent to the Delegates’ Assembly 2025. The World Championship 2023 were reviewed and it was decided that the procedures will be more or less the same in 2025 in Switzerland. There will be no conformation judgement of the breeding horses, and we will again have a speaker for breeding with extra knowledge about the judging system. The need of special “foal and young horse judges” and a plan for educating them was discussed and there was agreement that the countries are free to use either of the two foal and young horse evaluation system. For FEIF it is important to collect more data to be able to make scientific analyses on the value of these evaluations. A clear procedure for awarding horses for offspring was implemented to ensure that horses will receive their honour after reaching such a high level in our breeding programme.