Trainer of the Year 2023 – Congratulations Lena Maxheimer!

February 5 2024 | Education

Lena Maxheimer is 30 years old and lives at the „Islandpferdegestüt Wechter Mark“ in Lengerich, Germany. She has been closely involved with Icelandic horse sport since she was a child. She is now a successful sport rider and has focussed on promoting young riders up to the highest sport classes. Back in 2016, she passed the IPZV highest trainer qualification of IPZV at her first attempt.

A particular highlight of her career as a trainer is this year’s World Championship title in the T2 Young Riders class, which she achieved with her long-time student Lena Becker and Bikar frá Ytra-Vallholti.

Due to her great achievements and her passion and dedication for the Icelandic horse sport, she was nominated by IPZV for this award.