What constitutes a suitable match between horses and riders? Survey launched ….

January 3 2024 | General

The past year has been characterized by debates on horse welfare and the concept of Social License to Operate (SLO). The importance of the reputation of the Icelandic horse sport among the public cannot be denied and underestimated, the reputation is a prerequisite for the existence of the sport.

An important survey about the factors that should be considered when matching riders with Icelandic horses has been launched by FEIF in cooperation with Mike Weishaupt, following the survey by The Suitably Mounted Group (SMG) to help understand more about what constitutes a suitable match between horses and riders. Thus it is important to know what riders, officials, veterinarians and in fact anyone involved in equestrianism think about how to suitably match horses and riders in order to support horse welfare. The survey is anonymous, consists of 14 questions, is open to any equestrians over 18 and should take around 10 minutes to complete. Your contribution is really important!

English survey

German survey 

What is the SMG group?

The Suitably Mounted Group brings together professionals from many fields who are able to tackle the difficult topic of the suitable rider rider-horse match based on the knowledge, science and sensitivity needed to support riders with best-practice information and preserve the wellbeing of our horses. The group includes show organisers and researchers, as well as experts in veterinary and equine welfare – and human mental health. Members will collate and review existing research and are open to collaboration. They will also advise anyone who wants to introduce guidelines and put them in touch with those who have already done so. The working group is now striving to gather much needed evidence to support other groups and individuals, to give them the courage to address this welfare issue with justified confidence.

Photo: Barla Isenbügel