New documentary of the Animal Welfare Foundation / Tierschutzbund Zürich released

December 1 2023 | General

A new documentary film was recently released by the Animal Welfare Foundation/Tierschutzbund Zürich, which recommends a ban on PMSG and informs on alternatives using hormone-free methods or synthetic preparations.

Earlier this year, the Icelandic Ministry announced that the current regulation will be repealed and the keeping and collecting of blood from pregnant mares will fall under Regulation 460/2017 regarding the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. This regulation is concerned with the welfare of animals used for scientific purposes and aims to ensure that animals used for such purposes are not subjected to unnecessary stress. According to Article 4.1, keeping of animals for above purpose is subject to authorization, and in the event of infringements the licence can be withdrawn by the veterinary supervisory authority. Article 10.1 states that no animal experiment may be carried out if there is another recognised method that does not involve the use of laboratory animals to achieve the desired effect.

As the international Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations worldwide, FEIF condemns the practices and the mistreatment of mares on blood farms. We would welcome a decision of the European Commission to stop the import and production of PMSG and support any action taken by the Icelandic authorities to stop the procedure in Iceland completely.

Documentary film: 2023: PMSG – the hormone of misery | Good reasons for a ban