Start of contract negotiations for the World Championships 2027

November 24 2023 | Breeding/World Championships, Sport/World Championships

Representatives of FEIF met earlier this week with Carsten Eckert and Bernhard Fliß (OC of the World Championships 2019 and 2027) at Gut Matheshof in Rieden/Kreuth, Germany – a place that many might remember from the World Championships 1999.

End of September 2023, FEIF had received an application for the organisation of the World Championships 2027 at this venue including detailed descriptions of the existing facilities and the planned constructions and renovations. Additional information was provided as requested.

The area provides great possibilities for horses, riders and visitors – about 500 horse boxes, riding halls, roofed round-pens and a lot of grass lands for paddocks and camping and a network of riding paths as well as a large marketing area. The old oval track and the pace track that still exist, will be completely renovated and expanded and a second 250m oval track will be built as training oval track.

As a next step, the contract will be prepared and signed beginning of 2024.

On the photo: Roger Scherrer (member of the World Championships committee), Jean-Paul Balz (FEIF President), Bernhard Fliß (OC 2027), Susanne Fröhlich (FEIF Office), Carsten Eckert (OC 2027)