FEIF Sport committees meeting 2023

October 31 2023 | Sport

As in previous years, the members of the Sports Committee and the Sports Judges Committee discussed most sport-related topics which were on the long agenda of the 1.5-day meeting together. Welfare of the horse-related items included the limitation of maximum starts per day, the volume of noise at competitions, saddle placement and the consequences of not following the regulations, as well as the assessment of rider ability/connection. Various other proposals for adjustments in the guidelines for sport judges were also discussed.

The working group on facilitation for disabled riders, formed after the 2023 Sport Leaders Meeting, gave an update on its work and informed about the creation of a repository of information from the various FEIF member countries. The participants of the committee meeting were positive about the idea of forming an advisory group that can give advice on hoof, shoe and veterinary issues. The adapted T2, where the loose rein section is ridden on two reins in the final, will be a proposal to the DA2024. The possibility to re-shoe after being disqualified from a test for violation of a shoeing rule will be on the agenda for the Annual Sport meeting, as well as some other changes. During the meeting, the speaker checklist was also updated.