EHN webinar – Workforce in the Equine industry

October 28 2023 | General

Challenges and opportunities on how to attract a young workforce in the equine industry

The entire equine industry is struggling to employ a new workforce, whatever the activities, from breeding and racing/sport to veterinary professionals. The industry offers many possibilities but is considered as hard work with important costs. Therefore the recruitment is more and more difficult over the years and the business model for breeding is less valuable. However, some initiatives and investments that could be developed and copied are bringing solutions.
Moderator: Prof. Dr. sc.agr. Dirk Winter, Department Dean Equine Management at Neurtingen-Geislingen University (HfWU)


  • Figures and Impact study of the equine industry in Finland – Minna Peltonen, Team Operations Developer, Equestrian Federation of Finland
  • Equine vets – FEEVA to confirm a speaker

 Solutions and successes:

  • Label on wellbeing at work and good practices – Emma Humbert, Horse Council of Normandy
  • British and International Grooms Associations – Lucy Katan, founder and Executive Director
  • Equi-ressources – Marie Morin, IFCE
  • Trotting College in Wången in Sweden – Ulf Hörnberg, Swedish Trotting Federation

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