Horse Friendships – winning photos!

September 6 2023 | Leisure Riding

The votes have been counted and we are very pleased to announce the winning photos that will be published in the calender for the months of July, August and September.

Congratulations to Alice Linnebach, Christiane Dings, and Uwe Saßmannshausen whose photos received most “likes”! A big thank you to everyone who participated either by  sending a photo or by helping to select the winning horse friendship photos!

The last round of this year’s photo competition has already started. You can send in your photos for the theme „SPECIAL MOMENTSuntil October 26th.

For this theme, we would like to see photos of the most treasured moments you‘ve had with your Icelandic horse. This can be your first time winning a competition, a moment of accomplishment in your training, or simply a special moment of just enjoying your horse’s company. So you see,it doesn’t have to be the most impressive photo, as long as it shows a moment that’s meaningful to you!

We’re really looking forward to this years last round of stunning photos of your Icelandic horses and are excited to see, which photos will make it into the calender for the months of October, November, and December!