World Championships 2023 – Weight study

August 1 2023 | World Championships

A research team at the Department of Equine Science of Hólar University, led by PhD. Guðrún Jóhanna Stefánsdóttir and Master student Johannes Amplatz, in collaboration with FEIF aims to perform research focusing on the body weight ratio (BWR) of riders and horses at the upcoming World Championships. The study will take place in the days before to the World Championships.

As the issue of animal welfare gains increased attention and industries have to demonstrate their legitimacy (Social license to operate), scientific research is fundamental. Instead of using criteria on ratio between rider and horse from other horse breeds and disciplines, it is necessary to collect data on the Icelandic horse. We believe that this study will contribute to the existing knowledge on the subject and provide further information to ongoing debates.
And even though participation in the study is voluntary, many of the teams already confirmed participation of their riders and horses.

If you are interested how to the procedure will be, watch this video:

Photo: Kristín Halldórsdóttir