19th FEIF Youth Camp 2023

April 8 2023 | Youth Work

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The 19th FEIF Youth Camp will take place in Finland, Ypäjä Equiine College from July 14-19, 2023.

The FEIF Youth Camp is an international camp for young people who will TURN 14, 15, 16 or 17 years of age in the year of the FEIF Youth Camp. The goal of the FEIF Youth Camp is to bring together young people from different countries who will improve their horsemanship skill and better understand cultural differences in our approaches to the horse. The common language of the Camp will be English. In order to take
part in the FEIF Youth Camp, riders do not have to own (or bring) a horse, but they should be interested in Icelandics, and have some riding experience. Throughout the week, a challenging programme – with and without horses – will be offered, aimed at fostering international friendship and raising standards of all aspects of horsemanship.