Select stallions – virtual mate selection

March 16 2023 | Breeding

A lot of knowledge can be found in the Studbook of Origin of the Icelandic Horse ( e.g. information on individual horses, pedigree, assessment on conformation and rideability at Breeding Field Tests (BFT).

Genetic evaluation (BLUP values), that reflects the genetic quality of horses and therefore their input in breeding, is based on information from BFT’s from individuals and all their relatives. It is very valuable to be able to take all respective information into account when breeders are planning the mating for next generation of horses and for that purpose the tools of Select stallions and Virtual mate selection are invaluable.

Authors: Thorvaldur Árnason, IHBC and Elsa Albertsdóttir(2023)

Photo: Anna Guðmundsdóttir (Photo competition)