List of permitted bits now online

March 8 2023 | General

The Delegates’ Assembly 2023 unanimously decided to set a positive sign regarding FEIF’s commitment to horse welfare and the fact that horses should be ridden and presented with as little mechanical and external influence as possible and thus to switch to a list of permitted equipment (valid for breeding, education, leisure riding, sport and youth work).

Developments on the markets over the recent years resulted in many discussions and uncertainties, and in many cases, there was a lack of understanding of the detailed functioning and the effects of the bits on the horse.

We believe that the equestrian world needs to maintain and strengthen its social licence for it to have a future. It is the responsibility of everyone who is involved with horses by owning, breeding, riding, training and caring for a horse to demonstrate this.

FEIF recommends riders consult professional trainers/instructors when changing to new equipment for assistance in correct fit and making sure both you and your horse have a clear understanding of how the riding aids work.  Further, riders should make a habit of checking their horse, including inside the mouth, for any signs of equipment related injury.  Again, a professional trainer, instructor, or judge can teach you how to check your horse and what to look for.