Presentation – Social Licence to Operate (SLO) of the Horse World

February 24 2023 | Conference, General

At the FEIF Conference 2023, Mike Weishaupt, professor at the Equine Department of the University of Zurich, presented the topic on Social Licence to Operate and what it includes to participants from several FEIF member associations.

How to explain the term SLO? The public (social) acceptance (licence) of the industry to undertake its activity (operate). Which means, that SLO is a complex, contested, multilayered ongoing dialogue with many valid smaller SLOs at given points.

Society is increasingly suspicious of traditional uses of animals and therefore the industry needs to further develop the values and moral standards to meet the requirement of the society. In the animal-use industry SLO is tightly related to WELFARE POLICY. Individual perception and opinions get more weight and importance through social media driven information spreading.

To build up and maintain SLO, we need to communicate, educate, be proactive, consider ethics and above all, prioritize welfare.

Presentation copyright: Prof. Dr. Michael Weishaupt