Combatting Sexual Harrasment

February 16 2023 | General

Hej – a small word can make a big difference

Calle Gustavsson, head of “Friends” and Ulrika Backan, project manager of the “Safe SIF” project, provided input on their work during their presentation at the FEIF Conference 2023. The goal of the workshop was to stark thinking about an action plan how everyone can improve preventive work against sexual harassment.

The purpose of the “Safe SIF” – project is to create – through education – a foundation of values and an approach regarding children and young people’s right to safe sport. The goal of the project is that SIF has a norm and culture where children and youth activities are carried out in a safe and secure way with trained leaders.

Friends is an organisation that provides adults with research-based tools to prevent bullying among children and young people by developing, applying and spreading knowledge about bullying, harassment and discrimination, both nationally and internationally. Their vision: A world in which no children have to suffer being bullied.