FEIF Delegates’ Assembly 2023

February 3 2023 | Conference, General

The FEIF Delegates’ Assembly 2023 took place in Stockholm, Sweden with delegates from 14 out of 21 FEIF member countries entitled to vote being present.

Again, a long list of candidates and issues were up for voting during the Assembly, the results are online on this page: https://www.feif.org/delegates-assembly-2023/

Gunnar Sturluson, FEIF president since 2014 did not stand for re-election and the delegates elected Jean-Paul Balz from Switzerland as new President of FEIF. Gundula Sharman from Great Britain, FEIF Director of Youth Work was reelected for two years. Will Covert, US, was elected as FEIF Sport Leader of FEIF and Atli Már Ingólfsson, Iceland, as Member of the FEIF Board. Cosima König, Germany, was relected as member of the Arbitration Council (for 3 years), Annette Hodel as member of the disciplinary board (for 3 years) and the delegates confirmed the state authorized accountant for the current year.

Svenja Rumpf, Germany, and Maja Nymann, Denmark, were unanimously appointed as members of the Education and the Youth Work Department for the period 2023 – 2025.

All changes based on the decisions in the Delegates’ Assembly will be included in the FEIF Rules and Regulations valid from April 1, 2023 on. In addition, a summary of the rule changes will be published together with the minutes from the event.