On Christmas Day in the Morning…

December 20 2022 | General

It’s 7 o’clock, and the snow is falling,
As I look outside, the horses are calling.
I throw on some clothes and rush to the yard,
Everything sparkles, and the ground is hard:
Icy breath in the air, a hoof stamping the ground.
Then it’s tik tak, tak tik,  the only sound.
A rush of excitement, a smile brightens the face.
All too soon, we are back on our place.
When the sun is down and the stars start to glimmer,
It is time to sit down for Christmas dinner… … …
I yawn, and I stretch – – – was this only a dream?
The clock still shows 7:00 and it’s raining again.
But this really is Christmas!!! – So with very good cheer,
Here is to the real life! And a happy New Year!!!


From all of us at FEIF a Merry Christmas, and may 2023 turn out to be ‘real’ again.