FEIF Strategy 2022 – 2026

October 18 2022 | General/PR

The board of FEIF has decided to revise the current strategic plan and presented the new initiative in the chairperson’s meeting beginning of October 2022. The process was continued at the FEIF Committee meetings where 36 members of the committees and the FEIF Board started discussions on the strategic plans of the different departments. Now it is time to prepare for the next years, the “old” strategy plan needs to be updated and modernized and needs to consider new trends and developments.




Our current vision, mission statements and goals were defined in 2007 and since then several times updated, a “Future working group” defined what FEIF could do for the member countries based on their feedback and in 2013 all countries were invited to help conducting a SWOT analysis. Main topics for FEIF 2013 – 2019 were: ethical standards and clean sport, the influence of the financial crisis and the decreasing number of members, importance of voluntary work, new standards of leisure riding, reworking the FEIF Rules and Regulations and increase the visibility of FEIF.