Equine influenca vaccinations – FEI

September 14 2022 | Sport/Breeding

FEIF follows FEI regulations regarding the vaccination requirements and the FEI Board has approved a temporary exemption to the FEI Veterinary Regulations in response to the shortage of vaccines in Europe created by supply issues.

With the worldwide temporary derogation approved by the FEI Board in effect from 1 October 2022 to 1 April 2023, horses will be eligible to compete at FEI Events with the most recent booster taken within a period of 12 months, but not within seven days of arrival at the event. All other requirements must be fulfilled during this period (including the correct vaccination before ).

The extension is only a temporary solution and only possible because our horses are well protected after having been vaccinated every six to 12 months, often for many years. We will – like FEI – revert back to the six month booster interval as soon as the vaccine availability is back to normal as we need to continue building on this collective immunity for the long term.

Photograph: pixabay