Tölt Tunes

August 27 2022 | General, Leisure Riding, Youth Work

During the Mid-European and the Nordic Championships Henning Drath held an appreciated and interesting seminar supported by FEIF Youth Work. The participants of the seminar learned why the music in an Icelandic horse competition is important and how you can improve the performance of the horse and the rider by choosing the right music.

Henning presented different types of performances and discussed the importance of the harmony in what you see, what you hear and what you feel. The music contributes to the overall impression of a competition. How do you choose music for a small horse? A slow horse? What music engages the audience and make them clap their hands to the beat of the horse and the music? The aim of choosing the right music is to make the horse look better, the audience to get engaged and the judges to tap their feet to the beat and give higher marks.

We thank Henning for sharing his interesting thoughts and all the participants for fun discussions during the seminar!

Photos: Henning Drath
Text: Maja Borg, FEIF Youth Committee