Photo competition – Oldies but Goldies

August 22 2022 | Leisure Riding

The previous theme “Friendship” is slowly coming to an end. Photos can still be submitted until 31 August 2022.

For this year’s last round of the photo competition – a cooperation between FEIF, IPZV and ÖIV – we will use the wonderful theme OLDIES BUT GOLDIES. Therefore, find your best photos and moments with your old teachers and tell us your story.

The deadline for our fourth and last theme is November 1, 2022. Your photos (maximum 3 photos) can already be submitted by email to


  • The photos must be in landscape format
  • The photos must show an Icelandic horse.
  • The photo must have been taken by yourself or by family or friends.
  • Photos from professional photo shoots will not be accepted.
  • If riding photos are submitted, the rider must wear a helmet.
  • Please provide an address so that we can send the calendards to the winners.

The rights to the submitted pictures remain with the authors. The participants agree to the publication by IPZV e.V., ÖIV and FEIF free of charge.

The participant assures with the submission that he or she owns all rights to the picture, that he or she has the unrestricted exploitation rights of all parts of the picture, that he or she does not violate any rights of third parties with photos edited on the computer, that the picture is free of any rights of third parties and that no personal rights have been violated in the depiction of persons. In the case of recognisable images of persons, the persons concerned must have given their consent. The participant must guarantee this and provide proof of this on request. The participant undertakes to indemnify the organiser of the competition against all claims for compensation raised by third parties on the basis of the use of the pictures.

Photograph: Evi de Vischer, the horse is Loa Schutterbach, almost 27 years old