Reminder: photo competition “Friendship”

August 2 2022 | Leisure Riding

The summer topic for our photo competition (a cooperation between FEIF – IPZV – ÖIV) has the topic FRIENDSHIP and we already received great photos from many of you!

However, there is still time to send in your contribution, deadline is August 31, 2022. We are looking forward to further photos, just send them to Photo competition – Friendship. You may submit three photos, there are only a few point to consider:

  • There must be an Icelandic horse on the pictures.
  • The picture must be either self-shot or taken by family or friends.
  • Pictures from professional photo shoots will not be accepted.
  • If riding pictures are submitted, the rider must wear a helmet.
  • Please provide an address and your name.

The photos will be reviewed by an international jury for each season and the best 10 will then be selected for an online poll.

The rights to the submitted images remain with the authors. The participants agree to the publication by IPZV, ÖIV and FEIF free of charge. The participant assures with the submission that he or she owns all rights to the picture, has the unrestricted exploitation rights of all parts of the picture, that he or she does not violate any rights of third parties with photos edited on the computer, that the picture is free of rights of third parties as well as that no personal rights have been violated in the depiction of persons. In the case of recognizable depictions of persons, the persons concerned must have declared their consent. The participant must guarantee this and provide proof of this upon request. The participant agrees to indemnify the organizer of the competition from all claims for compensation raised by third parties due to the use of the pictures.

Photo: Christiane Timm