Open letter on production, import and use of the fertility hormone PMSG

June 5 2022 | EHN, General

FEIF has taken an active position on the production of PSMG using the blood of pregnant mares (‘blood mares’). In some countries excesses have been reported, like taking too much blood or having mares aborted to get them pregnant again.

Upon a proposal of FEIF, the European Horse Network (EHN) has decided to follow the scientific judgement in this matter, as published by the Federation of European Equestrian Veterinarians FEEVA, calling to stop both the import and European production of PMSG and other related products if blood collection procedures in horses do not live up to animal welfare standards.’ (FEEVA/FVE statement on blood collection for PMSG – FEEVA). Both FEIF and FEEVA are member of EHN.

Following the reply from the European Commission that they do not envisage to follow through with the call made by the European Parliament to ban both the imported and domestic production of PMSG, 20 animal welfare associations published an open letter that was sent to the European Commission. The welfare organisations requested the European Commission to at least recognise and communicate that the domestic production of the hormone is in breach of EU legislation and to build on future opportunities to ban the production, import and use by including animal welfare in the Good Manufacturing Practice, which exporters have to comply with.

FEIF condems the practices and the mistreatment of mares on blood farms and supports the approach of the animal welfare associations that signed the open letter.