Youth Country 2021 and Hestfest 2021

May 3 2022 | Youth Work

The award ‘FEIF Youth Country of the Year 2021’ went to Great Britain.

After two years of the restrictions the pandemic inflicted on so many horse activities within the FEIF member countries, the judges decided to make  the award less on what had actually been organised,  but rather pay more attention on the obstacles faced by ‘small countries’ in terms of Icelandic horses.

In their report, the Youth Committee of Great Britain provided a realistic and honest analysis of the difficulties they face in terms of low numbers, a small budget and huge distances between young riders. At the same time, this was balanced by the innovative ideas that could be implemented and the lessons learnt from the isolation caused by living with Covid 19. Congratulations!

Hestfest 2021

The Dutch team behind the successful Hestfest 2021 initiative was honoured at the same ceremony during the 2022 FEIF conference in Oslo.