The beat goes on

April 30 2022 | Sport, Sport/World Championships

The contract with the FEIF is ready – the Icelandic Horse World Championships 2025 will take place in Switzerland!

Ueli Heller, President of the Association “Icelandic Horse World Championships in Switzerland”, Roman Spieler, OC President World Championships 2025 as well as Jean-Paul Balz, FEIF Director of Sport, already signed  the contract with FEIF a few weeks ago to organise the Icelandic Horse World Championships 2025 in Switzerland.

At the current FEIF conference in Oslo, further FEIF representatives – Gunnar Sturluson, FEIF President, and Inge Kringeland, FEIF Director of Breeding, put their signatures to the agreement, so that the contract is now legally valid.

We are very happy that the beat goes on – 2025 in Birmenstorf!