Changes – WorldRanking 2022

April 17 2022 | Sport/WorldRanking

From 2022 , WorldRanking will be switched to a rider-horse-combination ranking, after 25 years, where the performance of riders has been compared. Consequently it can happen, that a rider is listed several times in a ranking, when ranked with different horses.

To see the old style of WorldRanking, click on “Classic WR Ranking” in the menue. The annual rankings will be based on horse-rider-combinations from 2022 onwards, previous years will be based on riders as in the past. 

As in the past years, the WorldRanking will include the best three results per rider-horse-combination per test for the last year years. The rules remain unchanged, only results of 5.50 or higher (or the equivalence in time) are taken into account. The results have to be achieved at an approved FEIF WorldRanking event.