Breeding ringmaster seminar (online)

April 9 2022 | Breeding

On March 7, 2022 an online seminar for ringmasters, listed on the FEIF website took place with 26 participants. The seminar focused on important issues concerning the job of a ringmaster. Inge Kringeland and Heimir Gunnarsson were the responsible lecturers for the seminar.

Did you ever consider becoming a breeding ring master? Do you know what ringmasters do at breeding shows?

Since 2020 ringmasters are officials at breeding shows and need to be certified by FEIF by attending a seminar organized by the FEIF Breeding committee. In addition a ringmaster test might be implemented. You can find details in the FEIF Breeding Rules and Regulations.

Presentation on breeding ringmasters and their work (Inge Kringeland)

The ringmaster inspects and measures all horses prior to the conformation assessment. After the ridden assessment, the inspections of shoes, protective equipment and other equipment of the horse and rider lies with the ringmaster. 

A check of horse’s equipment is mandatory for all horses in the show and shall take place after the first and second assessments. On behalf of the judges the chief judge can ask the ringmaster for an extra check of the equipment.

Ring masters at breeding shows need to be certified by FEIF. Certification can be attained by attending a seminar for ring masters which is organized by the FEIF Breeding Committee.

A seminar for new breeding ringmasters will take later in April – in case you are interested, please contact your national breeding leaders.

Photo: Kristín Halldórsdóttir