Sport Judges Guidelines 2022

March 27 2022 | Sport

The sport judges guidelines 2022 are now available!

The FEIF Sport Judges’ Committee updated the new version of the guidelines. There are several smaller changes, the main change is the clear description of the maximum tightness of the noseband and how to measure it. 
The tightness of the noseband is measured in the equipment check using a Noseband Taper Gauge or similar. A space of at least 1.5 cm for Hanoverian/drop or Lever nosebands and at least 1 cm for English/combined nosebands must be kept between the noseband and the front of the horse’s nose (nasal midline). 
A noseband found to be too tight will result in an elimination from the test if this happens in the preliminaries and from the finals if this happens in the finals. In pace events the combination will be eliminated from the round.