FEIF Equipment Manual 2022

March 19 2022 | Breeding, Education, General, Leisure Riding, Sport, Youth Work

The FEIF Equipment Manual provides a guide to the equipment most commonly used with Icelandic horses. The manual has been developed by FEIF to provide a basis for common understanding and educational purpose. The contents of this document are not rules. Should any information in this document conflict with the published FEIF Rules and Regulations, FEIF Rules and Regulations will prevail.

The FEIF Equipment Manual 2022 has been updated  with the assistance of a number of experts from the Icelandic horse world. 

The development of equine equipment is constantly changing. It is impossible to provide a complete list of all equipment that is appropriate for use in riding the Icelandic horse. Rather than trying to be exhaustive, this document offers guidance for the most common equipment. There may be situations where other equipment can be effectively and safely used. Riders should consult the prohibited equipment lists maintained on the FEIF website (www.feif.org) for the current list of prohibited equipment, and use caution when experimenting with new equipment.