FEIF and the Committees

February 14 2022 | General/PR

Who: Icelandic horse enthusiasts

Language: FEIFish (=English, with a lot of international words)

How to apply…

Beginning of February, it was time for the annual FEIF committee elections, several candidates stood for re-election, but there were also some new enthusiasts, proposed by the different FEIF member associations, who wanted to join the FEIF professional working groups.

Each FEIF department has a permanent professional department committee with the respective FEIF Director as chairperson. The members of these committees are usually elected at the annual department meetings, this year as an exception by the Delegates’ Assembly as the annual meetings are only planned end of April. In general, committee members are elected for two years.

FEIF has 5 departments: Breeding, Education, Leisure Riding, Sport and Youth Work. The Directors of the departments bear overall responsibility for international matters within their commission. The number of the members of a committee is decided by the Board of FEIF. In addition to the Director of the Department, most departments have 3 to 5 members plus a young person, between 20 and 26 years.

The Chairpersons may in addition mandate specialized duties to department subcommittees (e.g. sport judges committee, breeding judges committee). And there are further bodies as required by the FEIF statutes, e.g. the Arbitration Council and the Disciplinary Board.

All members of the FEIF committees are listed on our website under “contacts” of each department. Interested to learn more how FEIF and its committees work?

Photo: FEIF Committee meeting 2021, Malmö, Sweden