Photo Competition 2022

January 31 2022 | Leisure Riding

Since the photo competition was so much fun last year, FEIF and IPZV decided to organise it again this year.

This year there we will choose different themes for each season. The first theme is “FIRE and ICE“. You are welcome to send us your own suggestions for the other seasons of 2022!

As last time, the photos must be submitted in landscape format and in good quality. Up to three photos per participant and theme can be submitted. Please send them by e-mail to


  • The pictures have to show an Icelandic horse.
  • The picture either have to be taken by you, your family or friends. Pictures from professional photo shooting will not be accepted.
  • Pictures with riders on the back of a horse will only be accepted as long as the rider wears a helmet.
  • Please provide a postal address so that we know where to send the prizes (also possible later).

The photos will be reviewed by an international jury for each season and the best 10 will then be selected for the online voting. The deadline for sending the “FIRE and ICE” photos is 31 March 2022.

We are looking forward to receiving your pictures!