New video: The export journey of the Icelandic horse

January 28 2022 | General

Horses of Iceland has now released a magnificent documentary by Wildhorse Films, called The Export Journey of the Icelandic Horse.

The documentary will be premiered on all platforms of Horses of Iceland, that is social media, web, and YouTube channel, and on Friday January 28 on the website Horse & Country, which reaches over 40 million households all over the world. Additionally, it will be shown on, which is a huge marketing window for the Icelandic horse.

Wildhorse Films shot the film last fall and in it we will get to know a lot of people that have everything to do with breeding, training, teaching, selling, travelling on, and exporting horses. The whole export-process is documented and very interesting to follow all the steps of the horse from its home in Iceland to a new home hundreds of kilometres away. A new record was set last year when a total of 3.341 horse was exported from Iceland, according to information from

Follow the link for more information!