Landsmót 2022 will be great!

January 27 2022 | Breeding, Sport

The presale has been extended to February 2nd, 2022.

Magnús Benediktsson took on the job of manager of the Landsmót, The Icelandic Horse Festival, in Hella next summer. Magnús has worked on several projects in the Icelandic horse world in the past years and is known to be a creative event manager and a clever negotiator.

“There will be no dramatic changes on our program, just to be clear, since I don’t have permission to do that and that would not be rational,” says Magnús. “The program will be similar to last Landsmót events. Gaedinga competition is the queen of Landsmót and that will not change. It will stay the same as before, as well as the breeding shows.”

It has been discussed that the plan is to add sport disciplines to the Landsmót program. People talk and wonder if that is an attempt to turn Landsmót into “just another sporting event” and surely, we have enough of them already. Magnús has another take on that angle.