Young Leader Event 2022

January 16 2022 | Youth Work

The pandemic has once again shown us that so much happens only online. Therefore, we are very grateful to announce, that the next Young Leader Event will NOT be online, but in person – from 1st to 3rd of April in Vienna (Austria).

The topic will be “Digital Networking in the Equine Sector” – but with a lot of activities that will not be digital at all.

Let me guide you a little through the programme: After arrival on Friday, we will use the evening to get to know each other. We will have dinner in the hotel and then have a game night – if you want to bring any special games with you, you are very welcome to do so.

The Saturday is filled with activities, therefore we will start early. The first excursion will be to “Fiaker Paul”, a carriage company in Vienna, that offers carriage rides through the city. Carriages are very traditional in Vienna and can be seen throughout the year on the street of the old town. “Fiaker Paul” will show us around their stables – right in the middle of the city! And they are not only a great carriage company, but they also have a great social media appearance and will tell us all about why they need it so much. After a ride in a carriage, we will return to our hotel, where Daniel Brandel, a data privacy expert, will explain how to host interactive seminars.

In the afternoon a scavenger hunt through Vienna with questions, riddles, puzzles, and hints will lead you to the most famous parts of the city. The city can be gorgeous in springtime and we really want to share that with you.

To close the evening, we will have dinner at a “Heuriger”, a traditional Austrian place to eat.

Sunday will be the last day and Sigrid Brandstetter will fill our morning with her workshop about “How can I overcome my nervousness?” and “How can I motivate others?”. She is a professional musical actress and we just love her charisma.

We are looking forward to welcoming you for an entertaining and educational weekend in Vienna!