Young Committee Members

December 20 2021 | General, Youth Work

Ambitious as a sport rider? Excited about breeding? Interested in shaping the future of the Icelandic horse?

If you are between 20-26 years old, FEIF needs you.  – – – FEIF is looking for two young committee members to work with the Sport and Breeding committees respectively, for the next two years.

Young committee members have the same rights as any other elected members, the only difference being that

(a) you are invited to serve a fixed term of 2 years, and

(b) you apply directly to FEIF, instead of being put forward by your national association FEIF expects that you attend 2 meetings per year in February and in October (your costs will be covered), and participate in any meetings, which are mainly held online.

The application deadline is 2nd of January. For more details on how to apply see: Details or contact

Photo: Neddens Tierfoto/Pixabay