EHN News Letter December 2021

December 9 2021 | EHN, General

The European Horse Network (EHN) published a newsletter with an overview of current and future activities. One of the main items is of course the successful conference addressed by Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, stressing the importance of nature and animals in the lives of Europeans. She is also open to listen to the needs of the horse sector. Other items in the news letter are EU VAT rules, reforms on Transport Rules and Antimicrobial criteria.

The European Council (head of governments of EU member states) reached an agreement on a proposal to update EU rules on rates of value added tax (VAT). The agreement aims to modernise and update the list (Annex III) of goods and services eligible for reduced rates. Member States may apply the reduced rates to a maximum of twenty-four points of supplies of goods and services listed in Annex III. Included in the list: (11a) Live equines and the supply of services related to live equines.

Next steps: The European Parliament should adopt a position on the text before mid-March. The text will then be definitively adopted by the European Council and must be implemented in the different Member States.

This agreement could be a great opportunity for countries where a low VAT could apply and promote equine activities. However this might require action of FEIF member associations on a national level. This news is of course welcomed by the European Horse Network (EHN). EHN members have been very active to support this change. FEIF is one of the founding members of EHN.

FEIF is one of the founding members of EHN.