Sing-a-long with the official World Championship song!

December 5 2021 | World Championships

We connect through our love for the Icelandic horse, but there is much more. We love MUSIC! So… let’s connect!

Are you a singer? In a choir, the bedroom, shower, car, on a horse, during mocking out of the paddock, for your children or just in you head? This is your chance to become part of the Official WC2023 Song!

How does it work? We have asked Jula, Naomi and Gijs, the composers and artists of the official 2017 song, to work their magic again. They have composed a great song, and are in need of background voices. And good news: you can join! Just follow the instructions, record with your phone (or laptop), send it via e-mail and you can be part of our Official Song. YOU HAVE 2 WEEKS! (until December 17, 2021). So start singing and join our virtual choir.

And more good news: there is no limit on the number of voices that can join. Let’s make this the biggest virtual choir possible. Are you ready to sing-a-long?