New BLUP indices published

November 19 2021 | Breeding

New BLUP indices have now been published in Worldfengur for 465461 horses. Thereof, 34499 had own records from an international breeding assessment divided between countries as: Iceland 21416, Sweden 4266, Germany 3534, Denmark 2661, Norway 1213, Austria 346, Finland 289, The Netherlands 292, USA 224, Canada 117, Switzerland 102 and Great Britain 39.

BLUP indices in virtual mate selection will be updated later The calculation took into account 915 genotyped horse for the DMRT3 gene The genetic evaluations on all horses in the database are now published on Worldfengur regardless of the accuracy of the estimate. Previously the threshold for publication was accuracy exceeding 30%. However one should keep in mind that accuracy of genetic evaluations below 60% are still insecure predictions. It is important that breeding mares and stallions used for breeding are assessed in order to increase the accuracy of the genetic selection.