World Championships 2025

October 18 2021 | World Championships

In July 2021, the Board of FEIF invited for applications to organise the World Championships 2025. October 14, 2021 was the extended deadline for interested parties to submit their bids according to the Rules and Regulations as published on the FEIF website. 

The Board of FEIF received two complete applications before the respective deadline, one for a venue near Zurich, Switzerland and another one in the area of Mannheim, Germany. The FEIF Event Committee will review both applications and request further information from the organising teams and prepare for a visit to the proposed location if it appears necessary, in order to advise the Board of FEIF.

The final decision about the allocation of the World Championships 2025 will be taken before December 31, 2021.

Photograph: Neddens Tierfoto