Lena-Marie Baltes – young committee member education

October 10 2021 | Education, Youth Work

Who is who in FEIF? – a series of short interviews with some of the persons working in the organization”. This time we would like to introduce you to the Young Committee Member in the Education Committee, Lena-Marie Baltes from Luxembourg.

Hello Lena-Marie! You are one of the Young committee members within FEIF. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to apply for the position?

Lena-Marie: Hi! I’m 21 years old and grew up on a farm in Luxembourg. We’ve always had a handful of Icelandic horses until we created a more professional environment for Icelandic horse riders a few years back. In 2016, I had the chance to participate in the FEIF YouthCup in the Netherlands – this was the moment when I decided to plan my professional future in this area. From this moment on, the number of Icelandic horses on our farm increased constantly. In February 2020, I participated in the FEIF Conference, representing Luxembourg at the meeting in Iceland. When I noticed the posting to become a young committee member, I didn’t think twice, but applied immediately and hoped for the best!

Q: You were selected to the education committee in February 2021. How have your first months been? 

Lena-Marie: The first months were good. It’s still a lot about familiarizing at the moment. I have had some touchpoints with the chairwoman of the committee, Silke Feuchthofen. In addition, a meeting to discuss different topics took place – this was rather important for me as it allowed myself to get better acquainted with the new role. I was warmly welcomed by the team, and I felt in good hands from the beginning. I am now looking forward to really contribute to the different activities coming up.

Q: What kind of work do you do in the committee?  

Lena-Marie: I am currently getting familiar with the new role and my responsibilities and specific tasks will then automatically follow. I am really looking forward to the meeting in Malmö where all FEIF Committees will meet this year to get to know the different people face to face and eventually, take up more concrete assignments.

Q: What is your strongest motivation when working in the committee? 

Lena-Marie: It’s clearly my passion for the Icelandic horse and everything connected with this beautiful animal. It’s my objective to bring the Icelandic horse closer to people, to show them how fascinating and enriching the world of Icelandic horses is, including being part of different organisations and also FEIF. There is a lot to learn and the experiences I will make in the committee will help me in the long journey to grow the Icelandic horse community in Luxembourg!

Q: What are your expectations for your time in the committee?

Lena-Marie: It’s learning and networking above all. Making all kinds of experiences and connecting with likeminded people on an international basis is the key. This is so important to me as it will constitute the basis to further support my home country Luxembourg in its future development of the Icelandic horse scene. In addition, being able to motivate more young people in Luxembourg to contribute to the efforts of the FEIF would be great.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to young people who are interested in working within FEIF, nationally or internationally? 

Lena-Marie: It just is an amazing opportunity. I can only encourage young people to get involved in volunteer work in general and with the FEIF in particular! Such an experience will support your personal development and allow sharing enriching moments with people that have the same passion – the Icelandic horse.

The voice as well as new input of young people, combined with the experience of long-term contributors, can create a great impact”

Photos: Lena-Marie with the foal/Myriam Alt; Lena-Marie in a test/Neddens Tierfoto

Ever considered to be a member of a FEIF committee? FEIF committees are the expert groups supporting the head of each FEIF department – breeding, education, leisure riding, sport and youth. Decision, changes and proposals are prepared, questions relevant for all FEIF member countries are discussed and much more.

The position reserved for young committee members offer the same voting rights and responsibilities of all other members.