Farewell to Maria Siepe-Gunkel

October 5 2021 | Breeding, General

With great sadness we learned of Maria’s death, and we are very sorry to lose a highly valued member of our Icelandic horse community.

For many years, Maria mastered the challenge to represent the various interests of the breeding community, both at national level as the IPZV Breeding Director and at international level as an active member of the FEIF Breeding Committee. She has always done this work with a positive attitude, and a lot of commitment, and it has been a pleasure to work together with Maria for so many years.

Her dedication and positive approach have contributed to important discussions on changes and improvements to breeding policies, and to the implementation of significant innovation for the benefit of the Icelandic horse and Icelandic horse breeding.

She always fought for her ideas, looked for solutions and good compromises, supported the work in the breeding area and motivated many people.

Maria, we will miss you!


Photograph: https://www.tierfoto.biz/