World Championship Surveys 2021

October 2 2021 | General

Our current World Championships have evolved to a major event with a multitude of challenges for the organisation, member countries and their teams as well as FEIF. A revision of procedures and requirements, and a discussion about the difficulties we encounter are becoming more and more urgent. In order to be able to address the discussions and feedback received, FEIF invited the interested public as well as the FEIF member countries and the organisers of former World Championships to answer a survey in August 2021. The presentation provides a summary of all answers without any evaluation. You will see that the answers cover a broad range of possible ideas.

A newly appointed working group, with representatives from small and large countries, riders, team leaders, organizers and other officials – all of them with a lot of experience regarding World Championships and the organization – will take up the work mid of October to help steer the intended World Championship revision process.